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100800 minutes, 168 hours, 7 days….. oh yeah! In one week time the TOMATINA will get started

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The countdown has started. The Tomatina will open its gates next Wednesday the 30th of August for all participants willing to engage in the world’s biggest tomato battle.

Come and enjoy a unique festival in the world where the main lead is no other but the tomato. From 11.00 am a firecracker will inform everybody about the party kickoff and then the trucks filled with tomatoes will dye in red walls, façades, participants and bystanders. After one hour -12.00- another firecracker will announce the party is over.

As a piece of advice, please bear in mind that clothes and eyes are the worst affected. That is why we can provide you with T-shirts and googles. If you are the kind of person that loves making the most of the party, come and visit our Fresh Party with live DJ music, Go Go’s, drinks and many more.

Come and get your ticket before they run out. Click here.


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