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How are you coming to La Tomatina 2022?


The festival is held in Buñol, this small town receives on the day of the event more than 22,000 people ready to throw tomatoes at each other in a big battle. This town, which organizes one of the best festivals in Spain, is located 40 km from Valencia. What is the best option to go and enjoy the event? 

There is no doubt when answering this question, the bus is the best option. With our authorized buses for the event, all are advantages, get ready to live a carefree experience. The buses we provide are authorized to access the private parking of Buñol, assuring you the arrival time and comfort. Our return schedules are flexible from 14:00 to 16:30, giving total freedom to people who want to enjoy the event longer and to those who have enjoyed enough. 

Going in your private car is the worst option of all. The main reason why we advise against this is because Buñol does not provide parking for these vehicles. In addition, the accesses to the town are closed from 6:00 am and only authorized buses are allowed to enter. It is common to find alcohol controls on the nearby roads, which causes traffic delays of several hours and a heavy penalty for those who have been drinking. 

The train is not a bad option, but the few seats available and the lack of timetables makes it very complicated to have it as an option. La Tomatina gathers more than 22,000 people, the logistics of the train is not prepared for so many people, in addition, train tickets to Buñol are sold out months in advance. 

Don't think twice and buy one of our packages with bus included so you can enjoy to the fullest and without any worries the Tomatina 2022 with


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