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Do you know how many tomatoes are used in La Tomatina 2023?


In Tomatina 2023, the main square of Buñol will be transformed into a stage where a shower of ripe tomatoes will fill the air. Each year, it is estimated that approximately 150,000 kg of tomatoes are thrown during this exciting event. All these tomatoes are distributed and thrown along the entire route thanks to the 6 trucks that do the essential work of distribution.

The battle takes place in the central streets of Buñol, with the town square as the iconic centre and major rallying point. As the tomatoes are unloaded gradually, they reach all parts of the event route, providing the necessary battle weaponry for all participants.

Where do the tomatoes come from?

The tomatoes used in Tomatina 2023 are carefully selected to ensure the safety of the participants. These tomatoes do not meet the quality standards for human consumption and, instead of being wasted, they are used to create this unique fiesta.


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