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Where the Tomatina 2022 will be held


The event will take place in Buñol, in the town square, at the end of August and with the heat of this time of the year. 

At nine o'clock in the morning, the atmosphere already begins to have some presence in the square. The town hall gives away cakes to all those who want to regain strength before the battle. The square gradually begins to dress up with locals and foreigners from different countries. 

Without traditional clothes, you can see shorts, ripped t-shirts, people without shirts and even people with diving goggles. In the center of the square is the "palojabon" or "cucaña", which is a giant stick covered with soap that you must climb to get the ultimate prize: a huge ham. 

The fun is to see the most adventurous climb, slide, fall and try again to climb the stick. Meanwhile, the neighbors threw buckets full of water to soak the whole audience. Suddenly, you hear someone shout, "Tomato, tomato!" meaning that someone has reached the ham and the party is asked to continue. 

Along the road to the town square a truck loaded with tomatoes is appearing. It stops and throws tomatoes on the ground. The only rule is to squeeze the tomatoes before throwing them in order not to hurt anyone. 

Everyone tries to get their hands on the tomato ammunition and the tomatoes start flying back and forth. In a matter of seconds, the participants are covered in a rain of red color. One after another, the five trucks emptied their ammunition. The battlefield became a swamp of crushed tomatoes, and the square, the walls, the warriors and the air were dyed red. With 150,000 kilograms of ammunition, among laughter, happiness and lots of tomatoes, this intense battle will develop. 

Among the warriors, Australians, Japanese, British, Americans, Indians and Canadians, all dyed red, sticky, and stained to the max. All participants in the funniest fight in history. A gunshot announces the end of this intense battle. 

The bravest, exhausted from the battle, go down to wash themselves in the springs of the cities or in the ponds of the rivers. This concludes the unforgettable experience of the Tomatina.


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