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Where are you going to leave your wallet, clothes and documents in the Tomatina?


At the Tomatina you have to come to enjoy and have a great time, but have you thought about where you are going to leave your belongings in the middle of the tomato battle?

After having fun for 1 hour throwing tomatoes that will stain, and a lot, you will need an immediate shower and a change of clothes. That's why we recommend that you bring some spare clothes to change into, after showering for free in the municipal showers. 

Please note that inside the arena where the battle takes place you are not allowed to enter with hard objects such as cameras or backpacks, so we have put our hands to work to solve this problem to our customers, offering lockers where you can leave all your belongings. 

You will find our lockers in our well-known Fun Zone, next to the bus parking, where our buses will drop you off. Enjoy the party knowing that your documents, money, cell phone, clothes, etc ... is protected in our lockers with security staff. 

It only costs 5€ to leave your belongings safe and secure, avoiding that they get stained or even damaged by unexpected impacts. We have enough lockers for all attendees, no booking is necessary. You can buy the ticket directly in our Fun Zone the same day of the Tomatina.


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