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All the curiosities about the Tomatina


Tomatina is a unique experience in which thousands of people come to Buñol to participate in the battle of the tomato.

We updated you with all the curiosities about this impressive tomato festival:
  • Buñol's festivities last a whole week and Tomatina is part of it.
  • More than 20,000 people come every year to participate in the event.
  • You can't miss the already classic "Casco-Sandía", a clothing piece that as its own name indicates, is a helmet made out of watermelon.
  • There is a version of Tomatina festival in Colombia.
  • The tomatoes used in the event are tomatoes that do not meet the requirements to be consumed in the market, these are stored and kept for 2 weeks in cold cameras exclusively for the event.
  • It is essential that the tomatoes are mature, this way they will break more easily and do not harm people.
  • There is a tradition in which it consists of climbing a greased wooden pole until reaching the top, where a "jamón" is hung at the top. This is called “Palo Enjabonado”.
  • Because of the pandemic, the Tomatina event was suspended during 2020 and 2021.
  • The year 2022 marks the 75+2 anniversary of the festival and will come full of new features for you to enjoy.


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