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Do you know the origin of La Tomatina de Buñol?


Discover the origins of the TOMATINA festival, getting closer and closer.

How la Tomatina originate?

There are several interpretations of la Tomatina origin, but the most reliable version tell us that, in 1945, while Buñol population enjoyed the traditional parade of "Giants" at Town Square, some young people wanted to join this parade so strongly and they accidentally made fall down one of the Giants which became so angry that started a fight with who had closer. 

The youth group, responding to the brawl, decided to throw to the Giant the first thing they found: some tomatoes of a near vegetables stand. So they started a fight where throwing tomatoes to each other, until autorities ended the "battle". 

During the following years, the last Wednesday of August the tomato "war" was repeated, but this time attendies brought their own tomatoes from home. Not being an official and organized party, the situation got out of control so that, back in 1950 the tomato battle was banned by autorities.

Buñol population asked for a years taht the celebration was declared official, so finally, in 1959 was formally established LA TOMATINA and the first norms and ground rules for tomatoes war.

Due to the large participation in celebration of international attendies, in 2002 la Tomatina was declared INTERNATIONAL TOURIST INTEREST.


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