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What do I wear to come to Tomatina 2019?


You already have your Tomatina Ticket, but now what are you going to wear? If you have come other times you already know the answer but if it is the first time you come to throw tomatoes, dont worry, we help you to enjoy the festival.

There are many of you who ask us every year which is the best clothes for the Tomatina. The most important thing is that the clothes are as comfortable, allowing you to move freely and not be afraid to lose any garment. We recommend wearing a tight swimsuit to avoid snagging.

Wear comfortable sneakers because you'll be partying all morning, walking a lot and dancing a lot more. We advise you to be closed sneakers because in battle there are many people and you are going to step more than once. The more they are attached to the foot the better, so you don't lose them.

Keep in mind that the clothes you wear will have to be thrown away after the battle because they are so full of tomatoes that you won't be able to clean them.
Essential, water glasses, to protect your eyes from the blows and tomato juice, and more for those who wear contact lenses.

Don't forget to bring a change of clothes after the party. Don't worry about it, we have lockers guarded where you can leave your clothes and belongings (documentation, mobile, camera, etc ...) while you enjoy the battle.

Last but not least, every year there are more groups of friends who come dressed up and give a more cheerful tone to the party, it will also help you to meet people much faster and have more fun. Leave the shame at home and free yourself in the best festival in the world.


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