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How are you coming to the 2019 Tomatina Festival?


Tomatina is the best festival in Spain where 22,000 people throw Tomatoes at each other in a great battle. The Festival is held in Buñol, a village 40 km from Valencia, Spain. To enjoy the festival, you must go to Buñol by car, bus or train.

Which is the best option?

We recommend that you choose to come to Buñol by bus on the same day of the Tomatina, for the following reasons:

Coming in your own car is the worst option of all. We completely discourage it because in the Tomatina there is NO parking for private vehicles. The accesses to the village are cut off from 6:00 and you can only access the authorized buses with accreditation. In addition, at the end of the Tomatina, strict alcohol checks are carried out on all the nearby roads, which result in long delays of several hours and a large fine for those who have drunk.

Coming by train may be a good option, but there are very few places and they run out months before the Tomatina. In addition they do not comply with the schedules stipulated by the overbooking of passengers that day. To think that the Tomatina picks up more than 22,000 people every year and the train company is not prepared for so many people. Besides, if you miss the train, you won't be able to catch any train afterwards, because there are no places and you won't be able to return to your city.

Coming by bus with, is the best option, all are advantages, because our accredited buses access the private bus parking in Buñol, ensuring the time of arrival. Places are always secured because we put specific buses for the day of the Tomatina. You also have flexibility in the time of return, if you want to stay in Buñol longer or miss the bus, no problem, you can return to Valencia in any of our buses departing from Buñol from 14:00 to 16:00.

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