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7 Reasons to enjoy the madness of the Tomatina.

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Here are 7 reasons why you can't miss the Tomatina this year, I'm sure there are some that will surprise you.

1- It is the perfect opportunity to attend one of the most impressive cultural events in the world.
This year the Tomatina falls on August 29th and will start at approximately 11 o'clock. As every year it is expected that the population of Buñol will triple.

2- The lovers of photography.
Even if you're not allowed to enter the battle with large cameras, for security reasons, you can still take unique photos on the way out to the people filled with tomatoes.

3- None like this.
First of all there is no other party like it in the whole world, that's why it has such charm and is so popular. Although other countries have tried to do similar things, don't miss out on the original because in Spain it's not just a party, its part of the culture.

4- Enjoy Spanish cuisine.
There's nothing better than enjoying a good meal when you've just released all the adrenaline at a party. Take advantage of the fact that you are in Valencia to taste the typical food from there (Paella, Bunyols, Fideua...)

5- Meet people from all over the world.
The Tomatina is such a big party that people from all over the world come together. This is a perfect opportunity to meet new people and enrich yourself with their culture.

6- Visit Valencia.
Since you make a trip to Valencia, take advantage of it to visit the city and its wonderful tourist places (City of Arts and Sciences, La Lonja, The Cathedral...)

7- Relaxing time.
Not everything is the party, so if you have the opportunity to go to the city a few days before or stay more days you can enjoy the great beaches of Valencia.


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