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The Burial of the Tomato

The Tomatina is the most famous tomatoes battle in the world. Every year recives thousands of participants from everywhere who come to Buñol to live this unique experience.

However, something little known by visitors is the Burial of Tomato (Entierro del Tomate), an ceremony recovered since 2015, which is celebrated in the wee hours of last Wednesday in August.

This ceremony recalls thus the peaceful protest of the town of Buñol before the prohibition of La Tomatina by the mayor of Buñol in 1957.

This year, live in first person the celebration of Tomatina 2017 and have fun throwing tomatoes.

Check out the packages you find here and choose the one taht better suits you. All you need is the desire to
throw tomatoes, everything else will take care.

Enjoy the authentic Tomatina festival with all advantages.


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