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How to enjoy Tomatina without worries


As every year the last wednesday in august Buñol is a big fight field where the only weapon aviable is the tomato. wants to offer you some advices for help you to survive the big tomato battle. Here we go fighters! 

1.The most important thing for really have fun is wear a comfortable shoes and also comfortable clothes. Is totally better if the clothes and the shoes are old because after La Tomatina you will be a walking tomato and the tomato it's difficult to clean. The shoes also should be close, is better for the fight.

2. It is good to know "why" and "how" started La Tomatina. The historical version tells that La Tomatina started in 1945 in the Buñol main square. During one traditional party the young people started to fight with the people who were doing the party. In the square there was a vegetables shop and the young ones began to fight throwing tomatoes. And they end in a tomato fight until today when La Tomatina is probably the most known party around the world.

3. Don't forget your diving goggles. The tomatoes can seem innocent in tasty salads but when the acid comes into your eyes is not so nice. Is importante protect them.

4. If you want to bring some camera is important to make sure that the camera is waterproof. Or another good option is to use the single-use camera.

5. Is very important to now when starts and finish La Tomatina. When arrive the time to start you will hear one shot and then you can start to throw the tomatoes. We know that he people can fight for the whole day but the battle should stop and you will know when with another shot. Besides, before to throw the tomato is better if you smash it because if you don't do that the tomato can hurt.

We hope that this advices will help you during Tomatina and enjoy as much you can! And if you don't have your ticket yet you can check our website here


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