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Tomatina itinerary from Barcelona

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To enjoy la Tomatina to the fullest, it's best to be informed, so avoid possible problems and will ensure that everything goes as it should. 

If you have chosen PACKAGE F to come from BARCELONA to la Tomatina, this will be your itinerary (with aproximate times) for the tomatoes battle: 

3:30 Left towards Buñol! Meeting at the meeting point and buses departure. The ideal is that you arrive early enough to find your bus and avoid any unforseen. REMEMBER to check the schedule and bus reference before you arrive! During the trip will exchange your PRINT-AT-HOME for the bracelet-ticket that gives you access to la Tomatina. 

8:30 We are in Buñol! Once there we will organize in groups and will meet with our tour guides. 

9:30 At this time aproximately, we begin to enter to the battle enclosure to take good spot and envelop us in tomato environment.

10:00 We can't miss the traditional palo-jabón! Who takes off the spanish ham at the stick, it belongs! Will you be the lucky person? 

11:00 Tomatina begins! The beggining of the battle will be indicated by a gunshot. This is the time to start throwing tomatoes! 

12:00 End of the battle! You will hear another shot indicating the end of la Tomatina and you must stop throwing tomatoes. When leaving the enclosure, the guide will meet you again to accompany to municipal showers where you be able to give a good soaking. 

14:00 Tomatina is over, it's time to return to the bus and go to Barcelona. After such a busy day, you can take a nap during ride home.

Make la Tomatina an unforgettable experience with all advantages! 


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