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What should I wear for the tomato festival?


Every year one of the most recurrent questions is, What clothes should I wear for the Tomatina? People who have attended other years have the answer very clear, but for people who is their first time, we are going to guide you so you don't have to worry about it anymore and think only about enjoying the festival. 

One of the most important things about clothing is that it has to be as comfortable as possible to allow you to move without any trouble. Use clothes that you are not afraid of losing or damaging. Whenever possible, wear a tight-fitting swimsuit to prevent it from getting caught somewhere. 

Attending with a pair of goggles is always a good option, you will protect your eyes from bumps and tomato juice. 

Like any good festival you will be partying all morning, which means standing and dancing a lot, so wear comfortable shoes. These sneakers should hold your feet securely, preventing them from getting lost, and it is important that they are closed to avoid people stepping on them. 

It is possible that the clothes you bring will have to be thrown away once the battle is over, because they will be full of tomato that you will not be able to clean. Therefore, do not forget to bring clothes to change. We have guarded lockers, where you will be able to leave your clothes and belongings so you don't have to worry once you are inside enjoying the battle. 

Keeping all this in mind, you can also come in costume, if you are clever enough you will attract a lot of attention, you will be the center of the photos and surely of some tomatoes. 

We hope you have a clear idea of how to attend one of the most fun events in the world. Are you ready to enjoy this Tomatina 2022?


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