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Tomatina 2018

As every summer the Tomatina de Buñol returns along with the patron saint's day festivities, the festival is held on the last Wednesday of August, the 29th to be precise, as we all know this festival reaches its climax with a passionate red dye among tomato projectiles, the festival begins with a stick impregnated with soap, on which a ham awaits at the top, when some brave man manages to reach it then to the voice of "TOMATE, TOMATE" begins the great battle.

There is no typical costume for the party but many people prefer the white t-shirts with which you get a point of drama in the battle, we advise you not to wear new clothes or with too much esteem because in the midst of so much movement and turmoil could end up in a pitiful state, For the feet the best thing is to wear shoes with laces and well tied up since another type of slippers could end up lost in the tomato, one of the most important things is the typical diving goggles with which we will protect our eyes from the itching of the acid of the tomato although our skin will be totally clean of impurities thanks to the properties of this acid.

To access the venue where the party will be held there are some rules and / or advice for the safety of those present:
Bottles or any other objects that could jeopardize the safety of the participants are not allowed in.
It's not in good taste to break other people's shirts.

Before throwing the tomatoes always take care to crush them, so we avoid damaging any of the other participants by creating a better environment.
The battle of the tomatoes is understood to be over when the second shot generated by a carcass is heard.
Take extra clothes with you after the party and always need a change after the party.

The best mode of transport is public transport, as the entrance to the town is closed to traffic hours before the Tomatina starts.
Don't do anything that might create discontent in your fellow fighters, treat everyone with respect and use the party to have fun with others.
 After these advices we take advantage of to advise for a better experience on the party, to put in touch with the collaborating companies which have at the disposal of the personnel the entrances of the event besides the prepared exits of the personnel from different points of Spain, with the complements necessary for their enjoyment, a reserved zone with drink, party, food and guarded lockers where you will be able to leave your personal objects during the battle and to enjoy without any type of worry.


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