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What do I need for Tomatina 2018?


Tips for enjoying Tomatina 2018

  1. Most importantly, the bracelet to enter Tomatina 2018 - Enter here where all our packages will be included with the bracelet (the bracelet is the same as the entry).
  2. Recommended Accessories - It's always ideal to be prepared for battle, that's why we have created two special packages for you:
    • Package with glasses + drinks from here
    • Package with entry + T-shirt accessing from this link.
  3. Be cautious and anticipate problems - We have been in Tomatina for a long time and we know that there are always last-minute problems, so we have decided to create anti-problem packs.
    • Avoid being late due to the amount of traffic, multiple controls or the difficulty of accessing Tomatina with the Bus packages: from Valencia, Valencia VIP, Madrid or Barcelona.
    • Where do I keep my belongings unspotted, lost or broken in the middle of a fight? With this package nothing will happen to you d that, access here.
  4. Food and Beverage. If you've been to a party, you know how complicated it is to buy a drink because of the large number of queues, to find cold food, etc. With this packet you have your Paella and Drink + entrance fee.
  5. Accommodation. Enjoy a day before Valencia in all its splendour, with this package you will have 1 night accommodation that includes a return bus with direct access to the Tomatina, entry, breakfast buffet + lunch with paella, access to the pool and travel insurance.

With all this, you won't regret the craziest and funniest party in Valencia.


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